Imagine: A world in which all data is converted into a map based on your personal preferences. No need for questionaires, complicated selections or lists. Just move a few sliders, our x-engine does the rest. Sounds easy? It is.

Arrow The X-Engine:
Our X-Engine is based on complex and innovative mathematical models. It is able to "understand" the user's preferences and matches the data into SigMe's unique colored "Galaxy-map" - with the best possible match located at the center and all dots around representing alternative choices.

Arrow How Can It Be Used?
It can be used to simplify all sorts of inputs. It matches people with people, people with products or services and, of course, the other way around. It can be used the find matching peers or partners, it may be used to match financial products or services with the users preferences, it finds the right book or movie, but also matches cell-phone contracts, cosmetics and a lot more.

Arrow How does it work?
The user selects a number of preferences by clicking on appropriate buttons. He slides the selected buttons into an order with the most important prefence located at the top, all other prefences below. The x-engine takes it's input not only from the ranking of the selections, the differences beween the selections are also incoporated into the matching process. That is all there is - the x-engine goes to work and generates the galaxy-map.


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